Lisa nilsson

  • Tickets to the show
  • Event buffet
  • Accommodation in double room
  • Breakfast buffet

Price: 1195 SEK per person in a double room

Bokkable: 27th of September

Ring eller maila oss för bokning av paket, 0511-240 50,

Lisa Nilsson and Mattias Torell

On the 27th of September, Lisa Nilsson and Mattias Torell will entertain us with a fantastic musical evening in our congress hall.

The duo, that has previously written, recorded and toured together, gathers once again on stage to perform the show ”I Nöd & Lust”, a mixture of fantastic music and enjoyable moments.

Before the concert, a filling event buffet will be served in our restaurant. After the show, you can retire to your room for a good night’s sleep, or continue the evening with a drink or two in our cozy lobby bar.

The next day, a refreshing breakfast awaits you.